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Historical Timeline

1909  Professor A. O. Jenkins became Principal 
1913  A building program was initiated under the leadership of Rev. James Robinson, Mr. Robert Ellerson and Professor A.O. Jenkins. The construction of a two story building on Florida and Pine Streets for conducting classes was completed. R.J.E. Grade School acquired its name suggested by Mrs. Fannie King (initials of the leading constituents of the school). The Literacy Society selected purple and gold as the school colors. Mrs. Flossie Keller wrote the school song. 
1917  R.J.E. featured its first football team. 
1923  Rev. Albert Emanuel Became Principal. 
1924  Professor A. O. Jenkins reappointed Principal. 
1936  R.J.E. became a High School. 
1937  First P.T.A. organized, Mrs. Ida Hankerson President. 
1938  Professor E.T. Evans became Principal. 
1940  A school lunch program was inaugurated by Professor E. T. Evans. R.J.E. became a twelve grade school with a total of (7) on the Teaching staff. 
1941  Professor Edwin Norwood became Principal. 
1942  Mrs. Mallie Meeks Hunter became Principal. 
1943  The first county-wide play day was held. A trial school newspaper printed. 
1949  Mr. Eddie Thompkins became Principal. 
1950  The school gained its accreditation from the Florida State Board of Education. 
1954  The School Board authorized the construction of fourteen classrooms. 
1955  Business Education was added to the curriculum. A modern school lunch program was launched. 
1956  Dedication of the new school on present site. 
1960  Board authorized the construction of two classrooms. 
1961  Board authorized the construction of a gymnasium